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Alex Lloyd Tattoo is pleased to offer the opportunity to learn the entire process of tattooing on a 1-1 basis in a professional studio environment.

Alex has worked full time in a number of studios and in 2020, opened his own studio in Surrey; Debut Studios, with the intention of providing a modern, clean and professional approach, with a focus on combining contemporary work and technique with exceptional customer service.

Alex is pleased to offer an apprenticeship that covers all necessary elements to become a qualified and proficient artist. This has a huge advantage over a lengthy, outdated traditional style apprenticeship as well as online tattoo courses that offer no studio or 1-1 experience.


- Health and safety

- Hygiene, Aseptic technique and awareness of cross-contamination

- Infection control

- Sharps and clinical waste management

- Control of substances hazardous to health

- Decontamination

- Awareness of anatomy and physiology

- Safe practice

- The basics to transition from Artist to Tattoo Artist

- Drawing up for tattoos

- Concept of light, shade, dynamics and perspective

- Tattoo equipment and setting up for a client

- Tattoo machine and maintenance

- Needle groupings and techniques

- Ink theory - black and grey to colour

- Skin preparation

- Stencils

- Different styles of tattooing

- Line and shading consistency

- Approach to cover ups/tattoo placement

- The importance of aftercare

- Consent forms

- Customer service and client rapport

- Understanding the dynamics of a studio environment

- Sourcing materials

- Problem solving

- Photography 

- Social media

- Drawing tasks


- All materials required during the duration of the course including Tattoo Machine, needles, ink, synthetic skin and disposables

- Council licensing fee

- Insurance

- Certificate of completion

Upon completion of the course, you will be expected to work at the studio for a minimum of 1 year. 

For further information or to enquire please leave your details below.




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