1. A non-refundable deposit is required for every booking. Each deposit will contribute to the total cost of the tattoo.

  2. Appointment dates will only be confirmed once a deposit has been received.

  3. Deposits are non-transferrable across multiple appointments or different clients.

  4. Quotes for appointments are given as an approximate length of time and there is no possible way for Alex Lloyd Tattoo to predict exact length of time or cost of an appointment. Any subsequent appointments required will be charged accordingly.

  5. Appointments can be rescheduled once only if given at least 7 working days’ notice. A new deposit is required to secure any new appointment.

  6. Appointments cannot be rescheduled if Alex Lloyd Tattoo’s books are closed.

  7. Any amendments to an existing tattoo appointment will require a £100 consultation fee and/or in person consultation.

  8. Alex Lloyd Tattoo reserves the right to alter his hourly rate at any point.

  9. Alex Lloyd Tattoo reserves the right to cancel or move any appointment or refuse custom to any client.